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Chicago based certified Yoga teacher (CYT), Kathleen Katsikeas (The Messy Yogi) believes in a supportive and nourishing practice for her students, whether they're in group yoga classes or one-on-one privates. Kathleen is a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher, and holds Circle of Hope classes at Room to Breathe CBM.

What is Somatic Yoga?


My personal journey with Somatic Yoga was one of healing and awakening. As one of my teachers, Gabriel Halpern, would say: "The issues are in the tissues". Because Somatics asks its' students to turn inward, it's impossible not to face those hidden (or not-so-hidden) issues.

Somatic Yoga helped me release both emotional and physical pain that I had been harboring in my body for years. After each class with my Somatics teacher, Erin Cowan, I would leave feeling both relaxed and invigorated.

Because Somatic Yoga helped me gain insight and holistic healing over my body, part of my mission is bringing this practice to my students. This is why I teach Somatic Yoga classes and integrate these simply teachings in my other classes.

What does this practice look like? The Somatic Yoga practice is simple and accessible to everyBODY. Usually practiced lying on the back or stomach on a firm, but comfortable surface, Somatics Yoga asks the students to assess the body, to move slowly, and to use the breath. 

All you're physically doing in this therapeutic and gentle practice is contracting and releasing muscles groups while breathing. So simple! 

Some Benefits:

  • Balancing the body's reactionary (fight/flight) tendencies

  • Release of tension and stress stored in the body

  • Release of emotional and mental traumas (also stored in the body)

  • Relaxation of chronically contracted muscle groups

Photo by Madeline Northway

Photo by Madeline Northway


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