Kathleen Katsikeas

Yoga & Mindfulness

Chicago based certified Yoga teacher (CYT), Kathleen Katsikeas (The Messy Yogi) believes in a supportive and nourishing practice for her students, whether they're in group yoga classes or one-on-one privates. Kathleen is a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher, and holds Circle of Hope classes at Room to Breathe CBM.

What is Energy Work?


I liken energy work to cleaning & decorating a home: you throw out old or broken items, you clean out dust and gunk, you make the space feel right, beautiful, and well for you to live, laugh, and love in. Energy work is very much like this: you’re clearing out the space to make more room for you to flourish, attract, and grow into the person you’ve always wanted to be!

Energy work is an essential part of my personal journey; being instrumental in empowering and fulfilling my life through reconnection, abundance, and so much more. As a clairvoyant and healer, I enjoy finding people’s truth and validation, and to help them clear “stuck-ness”. Find your truth, magic, and more by booking a consultation, reading, or healing with me!

I am a graduate from InVision’s Level I&II Clairvoyant Trainings, and Level I&II of the graduate level Women's Clairvoyant Trainings where I learned Clairvoyant reading and healing techniques.


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