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Chicago based certified Yoga teacher (CYT), Kathleen Katsikeas (The Messy Yogi) believes in a supportive and nourishing practice for her students, whether they're in group yoga classes or one-on-one privates. Kathleen is a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher, and holds Circle of Hope classes at Room to Breathe CBM.

Customized Yoga Privates

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Privates offer a space for you the student to get a fully devotional practice from your teacher. This attention is unlike anything you'll experience in a group class. Although group classes promote community, privates promote a healing and intentional practice between the student and teacher. I believe that privates are an artful way to gain the full benefits of a healing yoga practice.


EveryBODY is different! We're all on a different journey and have experienced life differently. A private and customized practice allows you to gain what you want from this intentional time with your teacher. What do you want from your practice? Do you want health, wellness, healing, fitness, spirituality? A private allows you to choose!

Benefits of a Customized Yoga Session:

  • Support and Healing in Trauma Recovery

  • Eating Disorder & Addiction support through connection with body, mind, and spirit

  • Somatic Relief from Chronic & Episodic Pain (such as neck, shoulder, low back, menstrual)

  • Subtle Knowledge of the Poses & In-Dept Alignment

  • Relaxation & Stress-Reducing Practice

  • Guided Meditation

  • Mental Wellness, Focus, & Clarity

  • Breath Work (Pranayama)

  • Physical Wellness


I offer a variety of packages and pricing options for private students, as accessibility is a huge part of my vision. For more information about customizing pricing, contact me at KathleenKatsikeasYoga@gmail.com

60 Minute Yoga Session

30 Minute Yoga + 30 Minute Energy Healing

5 Customize Class Package

7 Customize Class Package


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