Cirle of Hope with Kathleen Katsikeas

Kathleen Katsikeas

Yoga & Mindfulness

Chicago based certified Yoga teacher (CYT), Kathleen Katsikeas (The Messy Yogi) believes in a supportive and nourishing practice for her students, whether they're in group yoga classes or one-on-one privates. Kathleen is a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher, and holds Circle of Hope classes at Room to Breathe CBM.

Yoga for Trauma

Photo by Madeline Northway

Photo by Madeline Northway

Trauma impacts humans individually, vicariously, and historically. Yoga and mindfulness are empowering tools to assist one on their healing journey; recognizing that healing is non-linear, and sometimes feels like two steps forward and one step back (or, for real, sometimes feels like three steps back).

As a trauma-focused CYT, I cultivate a brave and healing space in my group classes, series workshops, and private sessions. I recognize that yoga can be intimidating and triggering for those on their healing journey, and I work to hold a welcoming, accessible, and accepting space. You are not alone.

Photo by Madeline Northway

Photo by Madeline Northway

If you’re new to the yoga practice or just getting back into it, I recommend some reading to support you on this journey:

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van der Kolk

Overcoming Trauma through Yoga: Reclaiming Your Body by David Emerson and Elizabeth Hopper

Waking the Tiger by Peter A. Levine


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